Desert Beauty & Skin Care

In this epoch of neo-mannerism, it’s progressively problematic to debate freshness or spot its true of source. The Aquila show, all suntanned, unearthly loveliness and graceful lines, had persistent hints of a bygone era of fashion design, like the sweeping imagery of an epic novel under the hot desert nights. Yet, of course, Aquila has been discovering the nuance of soft but emphatic styles for year.

Indeed, it was Aquila who actually developed the principle that many others have assumed, not the other way round. So it makes sense that over the past few seasons she has been confirming her signature line with pieces of simple brash, yet elegant style— with a stronger energy and passion than ever.

The collection looked very coherent: while made largely of light fabric dresses— an Aquila specialty — it took on a new light with the peach and red accent pieces. There was a parched prettiness to the event and a kind of rudimentary lavishness given by accessories and garlands sprinkled on the. It all exuded a style and grace not seen since the bygone days of Rudolf Valentino and Lawrence of Arabia….a kind of intense desert fashion is known.
Parched colors were in chiffon got shredded and braided into light dresses with tanned dark skin underneath, I kind of primitive and hot sexy look. The unsophisticated colour palette toned it down and made it a pleasure to the eyes.

The hot blistering sun made the occasion almost unbearable to do the show in, the makeup artists were constantly trying to cool the models down. It is a good thing they had large amounts of mineral water spray to keep the models skin cool to set their makeup. The sweat beading off the models brow at a stifling plus 40 degrees C almost had fashion show to be cancelled till the night.

mineral water spray royal canadianHowever, I had never used mineral water facial spray before and it instantly cooled your skin and set your make up. Mineral Water Spray actually seemed to cool the models down on such a hot day, the best thing about Royal Canadian Natural Mineral Water Spray was they it came in a can and was cool when sprayed even in 40 degrees heat. This water facial spray was a life saver for the makeup artists on the photo shoot , setting make up in the heat of the day is not easy and in the blistering desert heat.

With her stress on the open air, Aquila makes this years fashion show a hit and the sweeping desert backdrop was an amazing show it make me think of the hot summer nights in the desert when dawn is approaching and you are walking over the sand dunes into the setting sun not wanting the hot summer day to end, it is the that that makes it the worst of times and yet at the same time it is the best of times. I am reminded of the Paris fashion shows that are done in the cold rainy wet weather and think…omg what am I doing here, my high heels are killing my feet, I am sweating like an ox and my makeup is running like I have been crying all night watching sad movies….meh, this is much better, my sweeping warm desert setting is far better.

Afterwards my skin was dried out like a prune sitting out in the desert sun for the entire summer, it was dry and baked in in desperate need of urgent skincare attention. I always to use a beauty product that cleans the skin but also hydrates and moisturizes the skin afterwards. I use a night crème with anti-aging ingredients that keep my skin younger and brighter. I don’t use a lot of makeup, but I try to use natural make up and cosmetics wherever , I can…ok enough rambling and back to the desert show. Aquila, I loved it and hope they have another desert fashion show as soon as possible.